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Logistics Day Kazakhstan, March 10, 2016, Berlin

Article about the Logistics Day Kazakhstan, March 10, 2016, on occasion of the ITB Berlin, written by Galina Nurtasinowa[Seite "Galina Nurtasinowa"] in the leading Kazakh logistics journal ТрансLOGISTICS Казахстан No. 1 (12) 2016, pp. 35-38 (in Russian) / 39-42 (in English). Galina Nurtasinowa[Seite "Galina Nurtasinowa"] writes regularly for ТрансLOGISTICS Казахстан; together with Peter Enders[Seite "Peter Enders"], she represents ТрансLOGISTICS Казахстан in Europe. Please approach her[Seite "Galina Nurtasinowa"] or him[Seite "Peter Enders"] for placing articles, interviews, portraits and/or advertisements; for more details, see here[Seite "Services"]!