Kazakhstan Business Development UG is a multi-disciplinary consulting and marketing company with many years’ experience and profound knowhow of marketing and event management, science and technology. (This Website is under construction, but a lot of important information is already available.)

International marketing and services
Every-day and business cultures are quite different in Kazakhstan and in Germany. This makes it difficult to German companies to succeed on the Kazakh market, andvice versa. This is, where we come into play.
  • Guiding – We guide you to the German respectively Kazakh market.
  • Partnering – We help you to find the right partners in businessand administration.
  • Information and advice– We inform you and advise you according to your individual needs, and we support you in the analysis of your past activities.
  • Translation – We translate your documents fromGerman/Russian/English toGerman/Russian/English.
  • Personal care– We organize for you special medical treatment, including local care and translation German/Russian/English.
Among others,
  • We organize for you and with you travels to Kazakhstan/Germany and connect you with the decision makers, including local care and translation German/Russian/English
  • We organize for you and with you presentations on fares and congresses (boot, meetings, panels), including local care and translation German/Russian/English
  • We arrange for you and perform with you interviews and advertisements in leading Kazakh/German professional journals, including negotiations and translation German/Russian/English
  • We connect you with educational and researchinstitutions in Kazakhstan respectively Germany for visits, collaborations, guest lectures
  • We give you a crash course on intercultural competence before visiting Kazakhstan respectively Germany

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