Article about the German Customs Union (1834-1871) and its role for the European and, possibly, Eurasian common markets, written by Peter Enders, Managing Partner, Kazakhstan Business Development UG, Galina Nurtasinowa, Managing Director and Member of the Board, German-Kazakh Society, and Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner, SCHNEIDER GROUP:

'Германский таможенныйсоюз: единство экономики и политики', Kazakhstan in Global Processes. Academic edition, №1 (47) 2016, pp. 117-123;

A preliminary version in German: 'Deutscher Zollverein (1834-1871) und Eurasischer Wirtschaftsraum', has been published in Lomonosov, the journal of the German Association of the Alumni and Friends of the Moscow State Lomonosov University (DAMU). An electronic version (with footnotes instead of endnotes) can be downloaded here.

A 'long' version in German with much more details and contemporary quotations is in preparation, too. All updates will be communicated on this page.

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