Kazakhstan Business Development UG i. L. (haftungsbeschränkt)

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How to find us by car and by public transport

Public transport
​Train from Berlin to Königs Wusterhausen (RE2, RB22, RB24, S46), exit Storkower Straße (East side), Bus 722 to Bindow till bus stop "Senzig, Ahornallee"; the street Ahornalle is about 40 meters ahead left (the map below you will enter from left); tariff zone Berlin C
Motorway A10/E30, exit Königs Wusterhausen, or Motorway A13/E36/E55, exit Ragow (both being close to 'Schönefelder Kreuz'): ​Drive to nigs Wusterhausen, railway station, leave the roundabout towards 'Friedersdorf', in Senzig pass the business center ('Edeka' on the right), when a free field opens rightly (the street name changes from "Chausseestraße" to "An der Chaussee"), look for the street "Ahornallee" left, coming shortly after a bus stop on both sides of the street (the map you will enter from left).

Motorway A12/E30, exit Friedersdorf:
Direction "Friedersdorf", ignore the first direction to the right toward  "Königs Wusterhausen"; within Friedersdorf, where to the left is an "Edeka" supermarket, turn to the right toward "Königs Wusterhausen"; within Bindow, follow the main street turning to the right over the 'Bindow bridge'; follow the road till Senzig; after a free field opens left, look for the street "Ahornallee" right (the map you will enter from right)

The map below has been created by means of HERE.